Neighbourhood nature mapping workshop

On November 16, neighbours and friends came together for our first nature mapping workshop at the Strathcona Community Centre.


Together we talked about the plants, animals, insects and birds we see around the neighbourhood and started to create a visual and written inventory. This inventory will help us make sure we capture the wide range of species that call Strathcona home.


We divided into small groups to help us remember the different species we’ve seen around the neighbourhood. The animal group recalled skunks, racoons, coyote, seagulls, crows, Koi, squirrels, eagles, frogs and rats.




The insect group came up with caterpillars and butterflies, spiders, snails, ladybugs, worms, woodbugs, honeybees, mason bees, wasps, and more.



A third group came up with a list of plants and trees that they’ve noticed, including tulips, bluebells, ginko trees, pine trees, chestnut trees, oak trees and wild mushrooms. Excitedly, two people revealed they had recently spotted large red mushrooms with white dots along Keefer street near Princess.


What animals, plants and insects have you seen around Strathcona? Add your sightings (species and location, if possible) to the comments section below or bring your ideas to our next workshop.